Hard, rough, rugged, wonderful

Valdeorras is a land of small villages, legends and stunning nature. It is a land watched over by the highest summits in Galicia, craggy countryside, peaks and mountains, forests and glacial lagoons. Its terrain is rough, rugged and uneven, with slopes that drop vertiginously down to the shores of the Sil River. But it is also an extraordinarily varied and rich land which offers us a whole world of terroirs that give each of our wines a unique personality.

We are a reflection<br>
of our environment

Valdesil is located in the region of Valdeorras, in the heart of the Sil Valley, an ecosystem which is surrounded by the three highest peaks in Galicia: Peña Trevinca, Cabeza de Manzaneda and Pico Montouto.

The Sil River passes through the mountains of Valdeorras, forming a landscape of
extreme slopes and valleys.

This geographical situation and the singular terrain of Valdeorras mean that it has a continental climate whilst also enjoying its own microclimate. This microclimate requires extensive knowledge and experience for the proper management of crops, particularly the vine, as it varies greatly from one year to the next. Almost every harvest has its own unique character, forcing winemakers to work in a state of constant change and adaptation, sometimes coming close to the survival limit of the plants.

Valdeorras has a high concentration of geological wealth and diversity which is very valuable in the production of wines; various minerals have been found throughout the history of Valdeorras, the presence of which has a powerful influence on the qualities of the land and gives different properties to each of the plots that make up this territory.


These are the coordinates that place our company on the map. This is where you’ll find the winery in which we make our wines, surrounded by ancient vineyards that look down from the steep slopes of the mountains situated along the winding course of the river. We consider ourselves lucky to have our life, our work and our passion in such an exceptional location as Vilamartín de Valdeorras, in the heart of the Sil Valley. It is the centre of our universe.