Guardians of the Galician soul

For generations, the history of Valdesil has been forged on the foundations of a great family legacy. It is a legacy born of a form of traditional viticulture which had been in danger of extinction, but has now enabled our wines to achieve legendary status.

The extraordinary
is never born of the ordinary

When phylloxera came close to bringing an end to the winemaking tradition in Valdeorras, our family decided to stand firm. Our pride in being the last guardians of an extreme, romantic and audacious form of viticulture
more than makes up for all the effort that has got us where we are today.

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These are the coordinates that place our winery on the map. We consider ourselves lucky to have our life, our work and our passion in such an exceptional location.


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En esto creemos

This is what we believe in

Geografía del Alma

Geography of the soul

Hacer de cada una botella un milagro

Making a miracle
out of each bottle