María Ardoña in its purest form, this is an ancient variety which has been reclaimed by the family. Proof of the great Galician heritage of red varieties, Valteiro forms a unique part of the ancient winemaking culture of Valdeorras and shows the huge international potential of Galician reds. It is a wine for lovers of purity.

32,00  /75cl


Valteiro is a small peza (plot of land) classified and situated in the village of Portela. It was planted with the María Ardoña variety by Francisco Prada Gayoso in 1985, continuing the family tradition of preserving indigenous Galician varieties. Its aim was to produce a world-class wine that would reflect the inherent elegance of the variety through the minerality of the special Valteiro soil, in which we find gravel intermingled with clayey soils rich in red iron.

It is produced from a single peza of María Ardoña, an ancient Valdeorras variety reclaimed by Valdesil in the 1970s. It is a new version of the legendary Valnereida, with which Valdesil revolutionised the concept of Galician red wines in the 1990s.

The wine displays complex aromas of beautiful wild red fruits intermingled with delicate herb notes and is medium to full-bodied with medium tannins and a unique minerality.

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