Godello from the municipality of Vilamartín de Valdeorras. The pioneering ageing on its lees gives it smoothness, elegance and a superb balance.

24,00  /75cl


Valdesil pays homage to the Sil River, through the heart of Galicia, which forms a narrow valley on its course through Valdeorras. It is a pioneering and revolutionary wine in Spain, as the first white aged on its fine lees in the tank.

It is made exclusively with grapes from the family-owned vineyards situated on shale that are located in the parishes of Portela (San Xulián) and Córgomo (Santa Marta), part of the municipality of Vilamartín de Valdeorras. The vineyards are managed according to the circadian rhythms of the plants and plant cover is maintained throughout the year, guaranteeing living soil with no erosion.

The wine displays the characteristics of the shale soils with its delicate, highly elegant citrus and mineral notes, followed by aromas of delicate stone fruit, intermingled with herbal fennel notes, as well as notes from the ageing on its fine lees. On the palate, it displays extraordinary balance, with a smooth, medium to full body and an excellent structure based on its acidity and powerful minerality.

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