Pezas da Portela

Godello from the village of Portela.. The historic pezas (small plots of land) of ancient Godello provide creaminess, depth and fineness.

48,00  /75cl

Pezas da Portela

Pezas da Portela pays homage to Portela, the origin of Godello. It is a village wine that is produced exclusively from the eleven historic pezas (small plots of land) located on the slate slopes of the village of Portela. hese eleven pezas were planted in the first half of the 20th century by the children of José Ramón Gayoso, the second generation of the family, continuing their father’s legacy as a pioneer in the growing and production of Godello wines, and using a massal selection of Pedrouzos.

Its production, based on preserving the unique identity and character of each peza, requires individual and independent treatment of the plots, adapting the fermentation and ageing to the size of each of them.

The wine has an aromatic intensity full of subtlety, elegance and complexity. It has a creamy texture with great depth, smoothness and balanced acidity, achieving perfect harmony between freshness and complexity.

It is a wine that will reveal its splendour over the next 15 years

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