Pedrouzos was the world’s first Godello vineyard, planted in 1885 by José Ramón Gayoso-Santín in the village of Portela. aldea de Portela. This wine is the quintessence of the Godello: infinitely deep, with magical subtlety and concentration, and a heady complexity and elegance.

From 119,00  /Magnum 1,5l



Pedrouzos is a single-vineyard wine which until 2021 was produced exclusively with grapes from the tiny peza (small plot of land) from which it takes its name. The Pedrouzos peza is one of the most iconic vineyards in Galicia, as it represents the origin of the Godello variety. It is located in the village of Portela, part of the municipality of Vilamartín de Valdeorras. It was replanted by José Ramón Gayoso in 1885, following the destruction of European vineyards by phylloxera. Since 2021 the wine has been produced with a selection of the best old Godello grapes owned by the family in the village of Portela. Its production pays homage to José Ramón Gayoso, the first generation of the family, a revolutionary winemaker and a pioneer in the single-variety growing of Godello in Galicia.

The aromatic intensity and subtlety of the wine are quite stunning. Fragile and delicate, on the palate it is solemn, sapid and round, with a meaty texture that gives it fathomless depth.

A wine for ageing, it will reveal its character over the next 30 years.

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