O Chao

Godello from the O Chao peza, located in As Ermidas, and planted on granite in 1941. With a full, creamy and long body, it has a thrilling and ethereal minerality which honours its Eucharistic past.

120,00  /75cl

O Chao

O Chao is a single-vineyard wine which is produced exclusively with the grapes from the peza (small plot of land) from which the wine takes its name. The O Chao peza is located in the parish of As Ermitas (Santa María). It was planted in 1941 by Manuel Gayoso Díaz, the third generation of the family, during his phase as a theology teacher in the seminary alongside the Las Ermitas Sanctuary.

The wine from this peza was used in the Eucharist ceremony of the Sanctuary for 10 years. The wine displays an elegant and extraordinary aromatic complexity in the nose, a creamy texture, large body and an excellent balance, with a surprisingly long and mineral end. Its verticality, salinity, fineness and ethereal depth represent the fusion of the telluric, spiritual and human dimensions.

With a long life in the bottle, its magic and grandeur will grow over the next 20 years.

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