Godello from the Valdeorras Mountains, the highest in Galicia. It is a perfect combination of varietal purity and the minerality of the slate soils, full of freshness and joy.

14,50  /75cl


Montenovo is a mountain wine which takes us to the craggy landscape of Valdeorras, where the highest peaks in Galicia are to be found.

Made with grapes from different vineyards situated along the length of the valley, all of them planted on blue slate slopes at high altitude, the wine masterfully blends the freshness of the fruit purity of the Godello variety with the minerality of the slate soils of the Valdeorras Mountains.

With a heady aromatic intensity, it has an extraordinary balance and a minerality which heightens its refreshing natural acidity. Full of the pure and fresh flavours of the Godello variety, the blue slate soils give it character, richness and a saline minerality with a vibrant acidity. It is also capable of developing extraordinary notes after ageing in the bottle.

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