Godello from the Asadoira vineyard, located in Córgomo. It was planted on shale in 1971 and is the ultimate expression of the ageing on its own lees and the muscular minerality of shale.

44,00  /75cl


The Asadoira vineyard has a surface area of 3.83 hectares and is located on the most renowned slope of the Sil valley, where the river passes through Valdeorras. Farmed for 2,200 years, it has been wholly owned by the Prada-Gayoso family for four generations. Its exceptional south-east orientation guarantees full exposure to the magic of the morning sun, whilst shielding it from the severity of the evening heat. Reflecting the climate change suffered throughout the 20th century, 1.41 hectares were replanted with a massal selection of Godello from Pedrouzos in 1971, with the ground-breaking installation of the first ever trellis in Valdeorras. The soil is managed according to a conservation philosophy, through the use of plant cover throughout the year, and the plants are cared for by following their circadian rhythms.

Ageing in a concrete tank gives the wine its characteristic aromatic nuances of great intensity and elegance. On the palate, its concentration and varietal purity align to offer a superior structure of great balance and depth, strengthening its extraordinary minerality.

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